The Kinder Haus Steering Committee

What is it?

We are a group of parents who believe that the staff and teachers at Kinder Haus should be supported and appreciated for the work that they do with the children.  It is also our goal to organize activities, which bring the Kinder Haus Family (parents, children, teachers, and other KH staff) together, so that we may learn from each other, support each other, and form a “Kinder Haus Community”.

What do we do?

We volunteer to periodically meet as a group to discuss and plan Kinder Haus social activities, to discuss concerns of parents and Kinder Haus staff, and to think of ways to provide “extra” resources for the children and teachers so as to enhance the Kinder Haus experience.

What have we done? 

Some examples of projects which we have taken on include: raising funds (through bake sales /book fairs) to buy new CD players for each Kinder Haus classroom and to enlarge the children’s musical library; establishing a Kinder Haus website; teacher education; and purchase new equipment for the classrooms, as well as the play yards.