Mandeville Pre-K/Kindergarten Class

With bright, open classrooms appearing to invite the outside in from windows overlooking the beautiful front yard, children in the PreK/K class are in a prepared learning environment designed to meet their individual needs and to assure them the opportunity to reach their full potential.  The shelves in the PreK/Kindergarten class are lined with works that are progressive, moving from simple to complex and concrete to abstract.  All is designed around the developmental needs as well as the interests of the individual child, based on the observations of the Montessori teacher, trained to identify those needs as they occur.  Math, Language, Sensorial, Practical Life, Science, Geography and The Arts are all part of the three year program. 

In the multi-age 3-year PreK/K program the young child has the opportunity to look to the older child for social and academic guidance; the older child has the opportunity to develop a high level of self-esteem and most certainly a greater sense of responsibility.  This provides the basis for a high sense of community within the classroom and among the children as individuals.  The development of the child, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally is enhanced by the multi-age status of the classroom.  With a great emphasis on the lessons of Grace and Courtesy, the child learns respect for his peers, for his environment and for the world in which he lives.  Academically, socially and emotionally, each year provides a unique opportunity for the child to advance so that by the end of his third year he is ready to meet all the challenges of first grade in every way.

The PreK/K child is exposed to exercises that employ movement, manipulatives and free choice (within limits).  In the Montessori class free choice means the child may choose work on which he has had a lesson; work that he uses properly and returns properly and to work in groups with his peers.  From following these guidelines, the child develops a sense of personal responsibility for making the right choice to properly care for his environment and his peers by putting his work away in consideration of the next person wanting to use the work.  He develops a sense of independence by learning, through Practical Life activities, how to wash, clean and dry his work as necessary, sweep the floor, scrub the table, mop, bake, sew on a button, etc.  He learns how to use his words with a peer when he is angry or hurt or not understanding.  At the conclusion of this 3-year program the child is well on his way to becoming a good citizen of the world, of reaching his full potential as a human being and most importantly for becoming a life-long learner.

Kerri Fitzgerald
Pre-K/Kindergarten Team Leader

Mrs. Kerri has been a part of the Kinder Haus staff intermittently since 2002. She completed her Montessori certification for the 3-6 year old program in August 2015. Mrs. Kerri has her degree from L.S.U. and taught high school social studies at Saint Scholastic Academy for many years. As the mother of five children, she is very skilled in many areas including time management, patience, balance and creativity. Her professional manner and calming presence are valuable to the school as a whole. We are excited to have her leading the Pre-K/Kindergarten classroom.


Alisha Wortmann
Pre-K/Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Alisha joined our Kinder Haus family in February of 2010. It was an immediate “fit” and Mrs. Alisha soon became a valuable member of our team. She exudes warmth and love to all the children.

Prior to working at Kinder Haus, Mrs. Alisha studied Early Childhood Education at Southeastern Louisiana University. Mrs. Alisha has been our morning opener for the past few years and also oversees the Breakfast Club. Mrs. Alisha has worked in all three classes at Kinder Haus Montessori so many of our children are very familiar with Mrs. Alisha!


Lisette Nicolle
PreK/Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Lisette joined the Kinder Haus family in August 2011. Previously, Mrs. Lisette has worked at other childcare centers as both a teacher and also in administration. She has studied Early Childhood Education at University of New Orleans and has been in childcare for many years. She is happily married and a grandmother of two and a mother of three. Mrs. Lisette is organized, creative and flexible…all valuable assets to any team. Ms. Lisette leads our PreK/Kindergarten Summer Camp program,and it is a wonderful summer camp filled with exploration and learning.


Bethany Brown
Afternoon Team Leader

Mrs. Bethany started working at Kinder Haus during summer camp as our assistant lifeguard. Her calm demeanor, friendly presence, easy going attitude, and love of the children made her the perfect person to stay on staff as our Afternoon Team Lead Teacher. Mrs. Bethany also "floats" in the morning and helps in every classroom. She is greatly loved by all children and staff!


Michele Maberry
Pre-K/K Afternoon Teacher

Ms. Michele began her career as a substitute teacher, and quickly became a permanent addition to the staff. Michele helps three days a week in the Pre-K/K classroom, and she still is used as a substitute teacher as well. Michele lights up the room as soon as she walks in! She is outgoing, loving, helpful, and flexible. We look forward to having her at Kinder Haus for many years to come.


Kristen McNeely
Pre-K/K Afternoon Teacher

Mrs. Kristen began working at Kinder Haus in 2014 as a substitute teacher. While she loves all classrooms, she has accepted a permanent position in the Pre-K/K class. Mrs. Kristen works the afternoons on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays with Mrs. Bethany. Art is Mrs. Kristen’s passion which she shares with our Pre-K/K friends. Making creative artwork in combination with her calm demeanor make Mrs. Kristen the perfect addition to our school.