Metairie Pre-School Class

With the knowledge that the first three years of life are so important to brain development, the preschool classroom is designed to provide the two year old with sensorial development of visual discrimination of size, shape and colors, sound discrimination, language development, and introduction to mathematics. The classrooms also have areas for art expression and daily living skills (pouring, spooning, cleaning). While there is much intellectual stimulation, our emphasis is always on nurture of each child’s uniqueness. Singing, signing, stories, music and  movement are all part of the preschooler’s days. Frequent cooking projects are built into our curriculum. Social skills continue to be developed, as is the ongoing acquisition of verbal skills.

Great emphasis is placed on recognizing, respecting, and appropriately expressing feelings. Our practical life skills are refined as children learn grace and courtesy manners during lunch.  Children learn to push their chairs back under the table, scrape their plates, and help clean the classroom. Friends are a great part of the children’s days. Outside play provides many opportunities for developing gross motor skills and for social interaction, too. We recognize the importance and privilege we have in the loving nurture of these precious children. Hugs, smiles, and love are a part of every child’s day.  

Tamarra James
Preschool Team Leader

Ms. Tamarra joined our Kinder Haus team in March of 2002 and is the proud mom of two wonderful sons. Organization, patience, flexibility, and joy are some of her best qualities. Ms. Tamarra has worked in various child care settings and worked with 3 and 4 year olds every summer as part of the Jefferson Parish Man-Power Program. She completed her Montessori Certification in January 2006 through NAMC. We appreciated all of her outstanding contributions and dedication to our children, their parents and coworkers.


Bonnie Toups
Preschool Team Co-Leader

Bonnie Toups brings her sparkling smile and nurturing spirit with her to Kinder Haus. She is crossed trained to work everywhere in our school. An extremely rare and valuable gift! Mrs. Bonnie obtained her Montessori Certification in August, 2005 through North American Progressive Montessori. Her skill is obvious and much attributed to natural talent, many years of child care experience and love of children. Thank you Bonnie for your professionalism, dedication, and positive attitude.


Brandie Morales
Preschool Team Member

Ms. Brandie joined our Kinder Haus family in 2013 and has a background in childcare and retail. Her natural love of children and her creativity and organizational skills make her a great fit for our children’s house. She completed her Montessori certification in July of 2014. Ms. Brandie says, “I feel that teaching is my true passion, and calling – I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. Teaching has so many rewards but the greatest has to be seeing how excited the children are to see you and knowing that you’re making a difference in, not only their day, but their lives. Ms. Brandie enjoys spending time with son in her free time, as well as finding new and exciting craft activities to create, mostly using everyday items to see what they can be turned in to next!


Amanda Dozier
Preschool Team Member/Aftercare Enrichment

Ms. Amanda joined the Kinder Haus Family in September 2016. She studied Secondary Education at the University of New Orleans and is currently working toward completing Montessori Certification through MWEI in Hammond.

Ms. Amanda says,” I always knew that one day I would be a teacher. At a young age, I started working with children with special needs and followed that love of helping their minds grow all the way to college. I hope to continue to grow in my ability to not only teach, but to nurture young minds of all walks of life. My passion comes from seeing the light in the children I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. I feel my students give me motivation to keep my passion alive by reminding me of how amazing each of their journey in education truly is.”

We are certainly grateful that Ms. Amanda’s journey led her to Kinder Haus; her welcoming and calm demeanor is evident to all in her presence.