Parent Testimonials

From Kinder Haus Parent Survey:

We very much enjoy Kinder Haus and cannot say enough good things about the teachers. It is very obvious how much they love the children and as a mom that is what is most important to me. I very much appreciate notes home daily, weekly newsletters, as well as any pictures. Testimonial 

My daughter has been attending for over a year now. I couldn't be happier with the teaching, playtime activities, and overall attention that she receives on a daily basis. They have very accommodating hours and are very understanding if I'm a little late picking her up. The teachers are certified in the Montessori method and the assistants are very caring. It's higher than other schools in the area, but you get what you pay for. There are several kids who originally attended other schools but then switched to Kinder Haus cause it's better. I'm especially grateful to the preschool teachers who always returned my phone calls and emails in a timely manner.

 - Rachel

"We are so thankful to have found such a wonderful, nurturing environment for our daughter.  We feel very fortunate that she has warm, caring teachers who exemplify what teachers should be.  In only a few months, we have seen our daughter’s language skills develop quite remarkably.

It is a joy to bring our daughter to a place that makes both parents and children feel so welcome.  Whenever we walk through the doors, we are welcomed by a warm, friendly face who always greets us by our names and asks us how we are doing.  It’s special touches like these that distinguish this school from the others.

We highly recommend Kinder Haus to anyone who has the tough task of choosing a preschool.  For us, Kinder Haus has been such a positive experience that we have increased our child’s days of attendance from twice a week to full-time.

We trust the Kinder Haus staff with the care and education of our only child and are extremely thankful for the wonderful job done by Ms. Cathy and her staff." 

- Paul & Marina (Parents of Victoria)

“It is hard to believe that the baby I brought to Kinder Haus in 2005 who cried to be held much of the day has become the little girl who hardly knows a stranger. I want to sincerely thank everyone at Kinder Haus (especially the teachers) for helping David and I to rear the confident, calm (most of the time), outgoing Kay that we know now. I know that she is well prepared to move on to the next stage, as Hunter was. It has been so comforting to know that when I can’t be with my children, they are being nurtured and taught and hugged and loved at Kinder Haus. I look forward to watching Jessie continue to grow, as Kay and Hunter did, in the next two years. Thank you again. “

- Liz

Our daughters, Olivia and Isabel, both attended Kinder Haus.  Olivia attended from 1995-1999 and Isabel attended from 1998-2002.  Both girls are still at St. Martin’s Episcopal School in Metairie.  Olivia will be graduating this year and we are waiting to hear about college acceptances.  Olivia is a National Honor Society Inductee, the President of her School Honor Council, a National Merit Commended Scholar, and has been on honor roll every term that she has been with St. Martin’s.  She also dances with a professional dance company, Delta Festival Ballet, and was selected to attend dance programs at Boston Ballet and American Ballet Theatre.  

Isabel is in 8th grade and has also been on honor roll every term she has been at St. Martin’s.  Like her sister before her, Isabel was selected as a Duke University TIP (Talent Identification Program) Scholar and was selected to attend the National Congressional Youth Leadership Conference in Washington, D.C.  Isabel is also an accomplished dancer with Delta Festival Ballet but additionally takes voice lessons and is active with her school chorus.  She plays the piano and has won several awards at the Annual Piano Festival Competition.  

Both girls still talk about their time at Kinder Haus and remember those days fondly.  We occasionally see Ms. Adela, one of the girls’ former Kinder Haus teachers, and have even run into another former Kinder Haus teacher, Ms. Daniela, while shopping!  I still refer anyone I know with young children to Kinder Haus because I believe my girls got off to the best start by starting preschool there.

- Cynthia C.

“Today is a bittersweet day—while Maria and I are excited about Ashlyn starting big school, today is her last day at Kinder Haus. Kinder Haus has been part of our lives for the past 8 years—first Grant, then immediately followed by Ashlyn. Maria and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the wonderful staff that have cared for our children over these past years. We truly appreciate the efforts and thoughtfulness shown to our children. Please pass this sentiment to the rest of the staff. Thanks for all that you have done for us—Grant and Ashlyn enjoyed their experiences”.

- Kevin

“Thank you so much for working with us this year. You gave us peace of mind at a time when there was none in our lives. Through the difficulties, we have been comforted knowing that Chance was being cared for by people who really care!

- Patrick and Cindy

"Maria Montessori talked about the absorbent mind and anyone who works with children understands just how absorbent their minds can be.  I think the Montessori method lays the groundwork for understanding and skills that may not be evident until after the students leave Kinder Haus.

For example, I remember talking to the Kinder Haus PreK/Kindergarten teachers when my son was three.  He had not really been given many of the language lessons at that point, but he had watched the older children have lessons.  The teacher commented that he was just starting the pre-reading lessons.  After school we went to the library and he chose a book (that he had never seen) and read the whole thing!  Neither his teachers nor I had “formally” taught him to read – he just absorbed it through observation.

Fast- forward a few years to first grade.  His teacher showed him the movie Matilda.  He asked to read the book so I gave him a copy.  He read the whole book in half a day – 240 pages at about a 5th grade reading level.

His math skills are pretty amazing too.  One night we were eating dinner and, out of the blue, he says, "4 3/4 and 4 3/4 equals 9 1/2."  I asked where he had seen that and he said that he just figured it out in his head.  I thought that was pretty advanced for a 6 yr old so I asked him to explain it.  He said, "Well, 4 plus 4 equals 8, then you take one fourth from the 3/4 and give it to the other one so that makes a whole.  Then you have a half left over."  So I asked him how he knew it was a half (since it is really 2/4 and I didn't know he could reduce fractions in his head).  He got out a sheet of paper and explained it to me with a diagram.

I think that the way he was taught math and reading skills at Kinder Haus Montessori created a very strong foundation for learning.  He really “gets” the lessons and can apply the skills– it’s not just something he memorized, but never really understood.  The materials took the abstract concepts and made them concrete.   In addition, I love the fact that the materials were not some high-tech devices – just beautiful and simple materials that hearken back to a society that was not gadget-driven.  Sometimes, simplest is best.  Thank you Kinder Haus Montessori for all you did for my son and for many other children throughout the years."

- Ali


Internet Testimonials Testimonials

“The difference in my 17-month old now that she is at Kinder Haus is astonishing.  Not only are we thrilled with the nurturing staff, but totally delighted with my daughter’s happiness.  I can now go to work with peace of mind.”

“My 29-month son loves this school!  He speaks so well and has learned his ABC’s and 123’s as well as songs.  The staff is very nurturing! My husband and I are very impressed by the schedule for toddlers and by the way our son is learning.  Montessori is very similar to “attachment parenting” which is how we are raising both of our children. We highly recommend this preschool/child care…if you can get your child in!”

“Words can’t describe how much I appreciate everyone’s help and patience when she started in June.  It was a huge deal to both of us, because we have never been separated from each other.  We could not have picked a better place for her to start her first experience outside of the house.  She has learned so much in the two months she has been at Kinder Haus.  Your staff went beyond what I expected, and cared for her, when she went through this transition.  As for me, y’all were very supportive with my hysteria when I left my baby.  I will gladly tell people about Kinder Haus and I will see y’all in two years when I bring my next child there.  Thanks again.  I really and truly appreciate all that y’all did and do.  Keep up the good work at Kinder Haus.”


Yellow Testimonial

“Excellent home-cooked meals take the guilt away from working parents; additionally this is the cleanest, family-friendly program with lots of education to go along with the love and nurture.  A must-see to believe this haven for young children.” Testimonial

“Both of my children have learned so much from being at school at Kinder Haus. My son was hardly talking when he first started, and now he counts, says his ABC’s, sings songs, and speaks in sentences.  My daughter’s vocabulary has also expanded.  She’s even talking in 2-3 word sentences.  They both have picked up a lot of sign language as well.  They even use it at home after learning it at school.  Each month, their classes focus on a new theme and they learn new sign language to go with the new theme.  Last week, my son taught me how to say “dinosaur” in sign language.  The teachers use sign language all day in the classroom so my kids see and use recurring sign language for common words like “more”, “please”, “thank-you”, etc. 

Both of my children also have started to pick up their messes at home a lot more since being at school.  They are a lot more concerned with putting things back where they belong.  This is a skill they repeatedly use at school when they choose their own work and then are responsible for returning it to the shelf in its proper place. 

The teachers are very caring and let us know how our children did each day and even if they ate a good lunch, or if they just chose to eat a little that day.  With a classroom full of students, it’s nice that the teachers still manage to give such personal reports about each student. 

When we walk in to Kinder Haus, we are all greeted by first name, and it makes us feel good to know we are leaving them in the hands of such attentive, caring staff.”