Mandeville Toddler Class

When a parent walks into the Toddler classroom in Mandeville you are greeted by a beautiful nature mural on the wall.  Calm and serene colors are evident in the classroom and everything is designed with the 1—2 year old child in mind.  Our room meets the children’s needs for calmness, beauty, security, order and learning. In this “Prepared Environment”, the child can easily focus on the shelves that are prepared with activities designed to meet the child’s interests and budding competencies. These activities encompass vocabulary building; sensorial stimulations with sound, touch, smell and sight and practice with eye/hand coordination. 

The toddler’s days are filled with love and encouragement. At circle time the toddlers learn not only to sing songs but they also learn to sign some of the words in their daily songs. Story time, art activities, cooking and outside play are usually a part of the toddler’s day. The children participate in table cleaning along with learning to sweep and wipe spills.  Social skills are emphasized daily as is verbalizing their wants, needs, likes and dislikes. Great attention is given to helping the children identify their feelings and express them appropriately. 

Many modern neuroscientists have come to the same conclusion as Dr. Montessori, that it is in the first three years of life the brain absorbs more information that at any other time.  We know that your toddler will greatly benefit from the loving, encouraging environment that is prepared just for your child’s needs and absorbent mind. 


Tiffany James
Toddler Team Leader

Ms. Tiffany started Kinder Haus in February 2015, and her transition into the classroom was seamless. Ms. Tiffany has fallen in love with the Montessori method and the toddler children. She obtained her Montessori certification from N.A.M.C. for children birth to three. Before she began at Kinder Haus, Ms. Tiffany was a substitute teacher in the public school system for over six years. She adds a loving and calming presence in the classroom. Ms. Tiffany is adored by parents, staff, and mostly by the toddler children. We are grateful to have her become a part of our Kinder Haus family.


Rachel Jocks
Toddler Teacher

Ms. Rachel has over six years of experience working with young children. She has a natural gift for working with toddlers. As a graduate from the University of Louisiana Lafayette with a degree in Fine Arts, Ms. Rachel especially loves doing art projects with the children. Nurturing, positive, creative, and passionate about children are just a few of the many qualities used to describe Ms. Rachel. According to Ms. Rachel, “a successful child care program is made up of positive and caring people who are passionate about making the lives of children better by guiding them in the right direction, using the right methods and tools, loving them for who they are, and allowing each child to find their purpose.” Ms. Rachel will be our aftercare lead in our toddler class and will finish out the day with our youngest children.


Colleen Jordan
Toddler Teacher

Ms. Colleen will be working in our Toddler classroom every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and in our Preschool classroom in the afternoon. She has been a youth soccer coach and summer camp supervisor in addition to her early childhood teaching experience. Colleen’s personal philosophy of early childhood program is that a childcare program should “have a welcoming learning environment that allows children to explore at their own pace.” We are so excited to have her join our team and bring her unique sets of talents to our school.