Mandeville Lunch Program

Our lunch program is an integral part of the day. Students partake in a set lunch menu and enjoy a variety of wholesome foods each week. By following a set lunch menu, the children are introduced to a variety of foods. This provides an opportunity to acquire a taste for foods new to them. 

Kinder Haus does not service out any lunch items; we prepare our Heart Healthy lunches right on site. We also serve two snacks per day: one hot snack in the morning, such as fresh hot biscuits with apple jam and in the afternoon, crackers with plump, delicious strawberries. 

During the lunch break, older friends set the tables with glass plates, silverware, cloth napkins, and open cups for water or cold milk. Children say a nondenominational grace and begin enjoying their meal.

Throughout the lunch program, children are encouraged to use their sign language to ask for more, no thank-you and please. Afterwards, all students scrape their plates and put their dishes away in the tub. 

The Kinder Haus Lunch Program is truly a sight to behold and a very satisfying experience for the children. Not only do they enjoy a healthy meal, but they are also fine-tuning their manners, grace and participation in a social context. Often the teachers are seated at the table, so the children share in a family setting.

We take pride in our lunch program and are happy to provide this service to our students at no extra cost. We think that you will like it too.

Lunch is served with cold milk and water. Snacks are served with either milk or water.

Meet Our Head Chef

Mandy Ellis-Ringbloom
Head Chef

Mandy has been involved with Kinder Haus since 2014 when her oldest daughter began in the Toddler classroom. After many years of being an extremely involved parent, she applied and began working in what she refers to as her "dream position" as head chef! Ms. Mandy is constantly marketing creative meals that are both healthy and delicious. Whatever herbs, vegetables, or fruits that are growing in the gardens planted by the students are sure to be used for lunch time. She makes a point to have the children involved in the process from planting to harvesting! Ms. Mandy is always seeking ways to make our school more environmentally friendly as well. We are grateful for the many gifts she shares with everyone at Kinder Haus Montessori!