Parent Testimonials

"For the past two years we have been blessed to be a part of the Kinder Haus Family. I call it family because that is the sense you feel from the warm morning welcome to the patience and guidance throughout the day ended with a smile! The teachers and staff of Kinder Haus Montessori all prove on a daily basis that they are in the work environment that they are meant to be. The children are allowed to be themselves while learning necessary skills to be successful and independent". 


-Bonnie Armstrong

"My 3 year son has blossomed during the time he has attended Kinder Haus Montessori. The love, patience and understanding that his teachers display is priceless. I can go to work with a clear peace of mind knowing that he is in great care! With traditional daycare he never expressed the happy and energetic attitude that he has now. There is no separation anxiety at drop-off or pick-up". 

-Chaisa Wilson

"Kinder Haus has been a great choice for our son.  We feel confident that he is learning in a warm, nurturing, and safe environment and being taught by teachers who really care about him and his development.   We love the integration of Montessori strategies into every aspect of the school and our son enjoys choosing his own work and interacting with the other children.  It's a joy to see him progressing everyday while having fun too".  


-Dr. Marc Matrana, MD


"Nothing compares to Kinder Haus Montessori! Kinder Haus has been a wonderful find for our family. After a problem with another kindergarten choice, we were welcomed back to KH with (literal) open arms. The school is clean and well organized, with ever-changing curriculum and fluid lessons that are truly in the vein of the Montessori tradition. The teachers are caring and know the children well. They are in tune with varying moods and home situations, and adjust their care to accommodate. The New Orleans area would be well served if this school was expanded upon for higher grades, as it is a true treasure".


-Kate VanderVeen Scheuermann


"I have sent 3 children to Kinder Haus, starting with my now 7 year old when he was 14 months old. I knew from the first tour I didn't need to look any further, this is the Cadillac of childcare. I never cease to be amazed when I visit how the little ones peacefully move through activities, are responsible for their own "work," and even the littlest ones learn how to sit patiently at a table and pick up their own lunch plate. The food is nutritionally sound and made in house, even things like bread. The daily notes are detailed and include what kind of work they chose throughout the day and their mood. My grandmother is in awe of how much they learn. The attentiveness of the staff is unrivaled, sometimes I joke that they take better care of my kids than me. But its not much of a joke really, since they do have more knowledge and experience than me and take what they do very seriously".


"As the kids move on to elementary and beyond, the classrooms and playgrounds will only become more chaotic. I rest easy knowing my babies had the peace and consistency in their toddlerhoods and preschool years to have the solid foundation they will need to take on the challenges of tomorrow".


-Rachel Alongia


"Both my sons have attended Kinder Haus, and my daughter will soon as well. What makes Kinder Haus special are the beautiful facilities full of interesting activities for the children, the wonderful play area outside, and, most importantly, the teachers and staff who love and guide the children.  My boys have been fully loved and encouraged to develop their potential while attending Kinder Haus.  It is truly a wonderful place for children!".


-Aubrey Spriggs Madkour, M.A. Ph.D.

"This is our first experience with Montessori, and after two years, we are very appreciative of the choice we made.  Kinder Haus has become a second family for my daughter, there has been little turnover during this time, so most of the teachers and staff know her and have been part in some point of her development".


"The attention and respect that is paid to my daughter's opinions and expression of her feelings are outstanding. She is learning for herself with the guidance of their teachers to respect other children, the environment and the value of decision making. In the midst of the peaceful, fun environment, lies rigorous and challenging expectations that will be very useful for her development".


"Progress is constantly tracked, and the staff takes the time communicate to us through different means the expectations, accomplishments, as well as areas of improvement,  and work with us to look for opportunities for growth and solve issues as they arise". 


"My daughter loves going to school, loves her teachers and friends and each day surprises us with new learnings, new stories, or adventures she had at her school. Having watched my daughter’s development we look forward to experiencing it again with our son".

-Karen Quaas Echeverría

" the atmosphere, the kind teachers and all- around awesome staff. Eloise & Abby have been welcomed and done so well already.  Abby is my 'velcro' baby, but is comfortable at Kinder Haus.  Eloise has been growing so much already, and I know it's because she's being treated with respect. Thank you!".

-Claire Scott