Our History


Pat Lacoste, Founder


In 1966, Pat Lacoste found her calling. She began her first work in early childhood programs in both the United States and Europe. She gained valuable experience in traditional preschools, childcare centers, and eventually in Montessori environments. She obtained her Montessori diploma in 1976, at St. Nicholas in London.


The insight she gained by working in such diverse programs led her to fulfill her dream of creating a place where children are nurtured, stimulated, and respected. Thus, Kinder Haus Montessori School was built in 1984.


Our Metairie school is a model facility, toured and used as a training site for hundreds of professional Montessori and traditional teachers over the years. A forerunner in its field, Kinder Haus was one of the first schools in the United States to provide full-time, year round care within a Montessori "children's house." Again, ahead of its time, programs for children 12 months through 3 years were included as regular programs. We remain one of the few schools with Montessori programs that are designed to meet the needs of working parents.


Encouraged by parents transferring to the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain, a second campus was established in 1996, under the enthusiastic leadership of Michelle O’Brien.. Kinder Haus Northshore has identical programs and is located near the Causeway Bridge in Mandeville.


Eager to share her knowledge with other educators, Pat became a state certified trainer for Unlimited Potential Incorporated. Touring throughout Louisiana, she took part in training hundreds of childcare workers and directors from licensed centers.


Other honors include representing the United States as a member of the People to People Delegation sent to China in 1991. She was also invited to represent the Louisiana Child Care Owners Association at the White House. Pat accepted a nomination to sit on the East Jefferson Hospital Advisory Board for Women and Child Services and previously held the position of state liaison for the National Association of Child Care Professionals.

She has been an active participant in many professional organizations including the State and National Association of Education of Young Children, the American Montessori Society, American Montessori International, Louisiana Child Care Council, Louisiana Professional Association for Child Care, and Louisiana Association for Children Under Six.


Her passion for improving the quality of care for children has been an inspiration for many teachers. Her endless commitment to excellence continues to touch the lives of children, parents, and teachers everyday.

....Creating an environment where children, parents and teachers are supported in reaching their full potential