Metairie Pre-K & Kindergarten Class

The Pre-K & Kindergarten class has a very welcoming and spacious outlay that makes for a conducive environment to choose work.  With an abundance of windows illuminating the class and allowing natural sunlight to flow through, the sounds of nature are in full-throttle. Children in the Pre-K/Kindergarten class are in a prepared learning environment designed to meet their individual needs and them the opportunity to reach their full potential.  The shelves in the Primary class are lined with works that are progressive, moving from simple to complex and concrete to abstract.  All is designed around the developmental needs as well as the interests of the individual child, based on the observations of the Montessori teacher, trained to identify those needs as they occur.  Math, Language, Sensorial Work, Practical Life, Science, Cultural Subjects, and the Arts are all part of this three-year program. 


In the multi-age 3-year Pre-K/K program, the young child has the opportunity to look to the older child for social and academic guidance.  In return, the older child has the opportunity to develop a high level of self-esteem and most certainly a greater sense of responsibility.  This provides the basis for a high sense of community within the classroom and among the children as individuals.  The development of the child--mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally is enhanced by the multi-age status of the classroom.  With a great emphasis on the lessons of Grace and Courtesy, the child learns respect for his peers, for his environment, and for the world in which he lives.  Academically, socially, and emotionally, each year provides a unique opportunity for the child to advance so that by the end of his third year, he is ready to meet all the challenges of first grade in every way.


The Pre-K/K child is exposed to exercises that employ movement, manipulatives, and free choice (within limits).  In the Montessori class, free choice means the child may choose work on which he has had a lesson; work that he uses properly and returns properly and to work in groups with his peers.  From following these guidelines, the child develops a sense of personal responsibility for making the right choice to properly care for his environment and his peers by putting his work away in consideration of the next person wanting to use the work.  He develops a sense of independence by learning, through Practical Life activities, how to wash, clean and dry his work as necessary, sweep the floor, scrub the table and chairs, mop, bake, sew on a button, etc.  He learns how to use his words with a peer when he is angry, hurt, or not understanding.  At the conclusion of this 3-year program, the child is well on his way to becoming a good citizen of the world, of reaching his full potential as a human being, and most importantly, for becoming a life-long learner. 

12:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

Meet Our Pre-K/Kindergarten Teachers

Brandie Morales
Lead Teacher

Ms. Brandie joined our Kinder Haus family in 2013. She has a background in childcare and retail. Her natural love of children and her creativity and organizational skills make her a great fit for our children’s house. She completed her NAMC Montessori certification in July of 2014. In January of 2019, Ms. Brandie finished her hands-on training from The Montessori World Educational Institute at Oaks Montessori in Hammond. Ms. Brandie says, “I feel that teaching is my true passion, and calling – I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. Teaching has so many rewards but the greatest has to be seeing how excited the children are to see you and knowing that you’re making a difference in, not only their day, but their lives". Brandie is a problem-solver and high achiever, which shows in her teaching as well. Ms. Brandie is the mother of a teenage son- Kamryn. She enjoys finding new craft activities to create, mostly using everyday items to see what they can be turned into! She also has a love for calligraphy and any type of activity that has to do with handwriting. We ask for Ms. Brandie's help anytime we need fancy handwriting or lettering on something! Loyal, punctual, calm and committed are just a few words that describe her personality. We appreciate her genuine dedication and love for Kinder Haus.... we appreciate all that you do Ms. Brandie!

Sarah Khan
Assistant Teacher

Ms. Sarah joined our Kinder Haus family in 2008. She holds an Associate’s Degree in many subjects including: Psychology, Political Science, Pre-Med, and Education. Additionally, she taught for many years in Pakistan before joining us at Kinder Haus Montessori. Ms. Sarah enjoys spending time with her 3 children, reading, and cooking. In the words of Ms. Sarah, “I respectfully enjoy and love being able to teach the children here at Kinder Haus.” Ms. Sarah is trained to work in any classroom in our school, and the children and teachers love when she is here! Her gentle demeanor and kindness are a few of the many things we all love about her. Not only is she a great teacher, but she is also a wonderful cook...we all look forward to Ms. Sarah's dishes during teacher potluck events!  We are so grateful to have her on our team.

Rodney Gautreaux
Afternoon Enrichment 
Teacher/Afternoon Team Leader

In April 2019 we welcomed Mr. Rodney to Kinder Haus. His professional background includes babysitting, coaching cheer, running a leadership after care club, & being a Playworks Mentor Coach at Chalmette Elementary School.  During his time at CES Mr. Rodney also developed an inclusive recess program for 650+ students as well as a successful motivational incentive system. His custom curriculum design for Playworks Ed. was chosen to be featured on The Parish Educational Network for program excellence on the monthly Super News.  Currently, Mr. Rodney is pursuing a degree in Child Development & Family Counseling as well as Elementary Education. 3 words that he has used to describe himself are: motivated, eclectic and compassionate. We couldn't agree more, but we would also add organized, punctual, and dedicated!  When asked why he became a teacher his response was:  "I come from a long line of educators on both sides of my family, so at an early age in life, I knew this was the career choice for me". Rodney is a newly wed to his high school sweetheart and they are the proud parents of two furry babies: Charlie & Carter! His hobbies include traveling, choreographing dances & spending time with friends and family.  As he arrives every day, you will hear the children say "Good MORNING Mr. Rodneyyyy!".  We are thrilled to have Mr. Rodney and all of his special talents around here at Kinder Haus.

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