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Ms. Danielle


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Pre-K/Kindergarten Class

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The Pre-K & Kindergarten class has a very welcoming and spacious outlay that makes for a conducive environment to explore and learn.  With an abundance of windows illuminating the class and allowing natural sunlight to flow through, the nature vibes are in full-throttle. The Pre-K/Kindergarten class is a carefully prepared learning environment designed to meet the individual needs of each child, which give them the opportunity to reach their full potential. 


The shelves in the classroom are lined with Montessori work lessons that are progressive, moving from simple to complex and concrete to abstract.  Everything is designed around the developmental needs as well as the interests of the individual child, based on the observations of the Montessori teacher, trained to identify those needs as they occur.  Math, Language, Sensorial Work, Practical Life, Science, Cultural Subjects, and the Arts are all part of this three-year program.


The Pre-K/Kindergarten class provides a mixed-ages setting. The young child has the opportunity to look to the older child for social and academic guidance.  In return, the older child has the opportunity to develop a high level of self-esteem and most certainly a greater sense of responsibility.  This provides the basis for a sense of community within the classroom.  The development of the child--mentally, physically, socially, and emotionally is enhanced by the multi-age status of the classroom.  With a great emphasis on the lessons of Grace and Courtesy, the child learns respect for himself, his peers, for his environment, and for the world in which he lives.  Academically, socially, and emotionally, each year provides a unique opportunity for the child to advance so that by the end of his third year, he is ready to meet all the challenges of first grade in every way.


The Pre-K/K child is exposed to activities that employ freedom of movement, and freedom of choice (within limits).  In the Montessori class, free choice means the child may choose work on which he has had a lesson; work that he uses properly and returns properly to the shelf when finished. The child is free to work alone and/or in groups with his peers.  When given boundaries and guidelines, the child develops a sense of personal responsibility for making the right choice to properly care for his environment and his peers.  He develops a sense of independence by learning--through Practical Life activities--how to wash, clean, and dry his area as necessary, sweep the floor, scrub the table and chairs, mop, bake, sew on a button, etc.  He learns how to identify emotions and use his words with a peer when he is angry, hurt, or not understanding something.  At the conclusion of this 3-year program, the child is well on his way to becoming a good citizen of the world, of reaching his full potential as a human being, and most importantly, to becoming a life-long learner.

Our Child-To-Teacher Ratio-- 12:1                   State Licensing Ratio-- 14:1

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