Meet Our Preschool Team


Ms. Bonnie

Co-Lead Teacher

  • Montessori Certified

  • 20 years at Kinder Haus

  • Previous experience in childcare

  • Gentle, loving, and supportive

Ms. Tamarra

Co-Lead Teacher

  • Montessori Certified

  • 19 years at Kinder Haus

  • Previous experience in child care

  • Director's credentials

  • Natural nurturer

Preschool Class (Metairie)


With the knowledge that the first three years of life are so important to brain development, the preschool classroom is designed to provide the children with sensorial development: visual discrimination of size, shape and colors; sound discrimination; language development; and intro mathematics. The classroom also has areas for art expression and daily living skills (pouring, spooning, cleaning). While there is much intellectual stimulation, our emphasis is always on nurturing each child’s uniqueness. Sign language, singing, dancing, story-time, music and  movement are all part of the preschoolers' days. Cooking projects are often built into our curriculum as well. Social skills continue to be developed, as is the ongoing acquisition of verbal skills.


Great emphasis is placed on recognizing, respecting, and appropriately expressing feelings.  Practical life skills are refined as children learn grace and courtesy manners during lunch.  Children learn to push their chairs back under the table, scrape their plates, and help clean the classroom. Socializing with friends makes up a great part of the children’s days. Outside play time provides many opportunities for developing gross motor skills and for social interaction, too. We recognize the importance and privilege we have in loving and nurturing your precious children. Hugs, smiles, and love are a part of every child’s day at Kinder Haus.  

Ages 2-4

Kinder Haus Child-To-Teacher Ratio-- 8:1                   State Licensing Ratio-- 12:1