Kinder Haus Toddler Community

Toddlers range in age from approximately 12 months to 24 months.  Our toddler environments are designed for exploration and encourage the young children’s development of independence.  Low shelves are prepared with activities designed to meet the child’s interests and budding competencies.  These activities encompass:  vocabulary building, sensorial stimulations with sight, sound, touch, and smell, and practice with hand/eye coordination. 


The toddler’s days are filled with love and encouragement.  Story reading, singing songs, using sign language, art, cooking, and outside play are some of their daily activities.  Music and movement is also part of our toddler days.  The children participate in care of the environment by learning to sweep, clean tables, and wipe up spills.  They love being big enough to help!  Their progress is individually tracked and goals for personal development are planned for by the staff.  Learning to put our activities, or “work,” back on the shelves after using it for the intended purpose is gradually acquired.  Learning social skills is a big part of this age’s development, as is verbalizing their wants, needs, likes, and dislikes.  Great attention is given to helping the children identify their feelings and express them appropriately.