Metairie Toddler Class

Upon entering the Toddler classroom in Metairie, you can feel the love and warmth that the toddlers experience on a daily basis. A neutral color scheme promotes calmness throughout the class. Everything is designed with the 1-2 year old child in mind, including low-rise shelves that provide easy accessibility for choosing “work.”  Our room meets the children’s needs for tranquility, beauty, security, order, and learning. In this “Prepared Environment,” the child can easily focus on the shelves that are prepared with activities designed to meet the child’s interests and budding competencies. These activities encompass: vocabulary building, sensorial stimulations with sound, touch, smell, and sight, and practice with hand-eye coordination. 


The toddler’s days are filled with love and encouragement. At group time the toddlers not only sing songs, they sign them. Story time, art activities, cooking, and outside play are a daily part of the toddler’s day. The children participate in table cleaning along with learning to sweep and wipe spills. Social skills are emphasized daily as is verbalizing their wants, needs, likes, and dislikes. Great attention is given to helping the children identify their feelings and express them appropriately. 


Many modern neuroscientists have come to the same conclusion as Dr. Montessori-- that it is in the first three years of life the brain absorbs more information than at any other time. We know that your toddler will greatly benefit from the loving, encouraging environment that is prepared just for your child’s needs and absorbent mind. 

Kinder Haus Ratio-- 6:1   State Licensing Ratio-- 8:1

Meet Our Toddler Teachers

Michele Trosclair
Lead Teacher

Ms. Michele joined our Kinder Haus staff full time in January 2010. She is the mother of two children, Brianna and Brian. She has previous experience working in traditional preschool programs. Ms. Michele received her Montessori certification through North American Montessori Center. She spent 7 years in the Primary Class as the team leader, then in the summer of 2017 she moved over to the toddler class and loves that age just as much as the primary class. Ms. Michele is committed to keeping Maria Montessori's vision alive, and has been very loyal to Kinder Haus. She is very much appreciated around here, by her co-workers and the children. She enjoys reading, writing, being outdoors, and spending time with her children during her time off.

Miranda Bachemin
Assistant Teacher

In April 2019, we welcomed Ms. Miranda to our toddler classroom.  Miranda was a teacher's aide at a local preschool for 2 years prior.  At this time, Miranda attends Delgado and is pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education.  She has described herself as organized, relaxed & kind.... she is, in fact all 3 of those things.  Ms. Miranda feels that one must be relaxed and have patience when working with children and believes that although each child is different we should show them that they are all cared for.  Her calm and collected demeanor makes her a perfect addition to the toddler team.  She is always engaged and makes sure our little toddler friends are well taken care of. The little ones have so much fun with her in the afternoons; they are often dancing, singing or reading books.  We are so happy that Ms. Miranda joined our ever growing family at Kinder Haus!

Gehan "Gee" Agrusta

Assistant Teacher

Ms. "Gee" is from the United Kingdom. She joined us in January 2020. She is a military spouse recently moved to New Orleans from Spangdahlem, Germany where she was a nanny to a 3 year old for a year. She also has 3+ years of Montessori experience working at the Datchet Montessori School in the United Kingdom, it was here that she decided to pursue her career in childcare and is currently studying for her Associates degree in Psychology to gain her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education!

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