Our Vision

My first visit to a Montessori class was in Einsiedlerhof, Germany in 1975. As I was observing in the Practical Life room, I watched a three-year old girl fill a glass container with water and carefully carry it across a busy room. As she arrived at her activity, she placed the container gently on the table. The look on her face was awe inspiring! Joy, pride, and obviously a huge sense of accomplishment filled her.


I was blown away, hooked on learning about Montessori. In that moment, a dream was born, a vision that motivates me yet today—a vision to provide an environment which supports the child to reach their full potential.


Along the way, it became obvious while supporting the child in his or her early years, we had the opportunity to also support the parents. When we support the parents, we support the child for life. Parenting information is provided in the form of articles, workshops, and shared during parent conferences.


“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world,” is an old saying. But, oh how true! Our teachers spend more waking hours with most of our little friends, than do their parents. Theirs are the hands that cultivate and empower the children. We know, to the core of our being, that this work is crucial in the child’s development of self-worth, confidence in the world, and joy of life. We recognize the opportunity to nurture with every nose we wipe, diaper we change, smile we share, and each hug we give. Every lesson given stimulates the child in ways we cannot imagine or foresee.


Thus, our goal is for every staff member to bring their “A” game daily. Kinder Haus provides on-going professional development opportunities for all staff members, so that through their increased skills, they too are becoming their personal best. KINDER HAUS…creating an environment where children, parents and teachers are supported in reaching their full potential.

-Pat Lacoste, Founder