About Us

With locations in Mandeville and Metairie, Kinder Haus Montessori Pre-School and Child Care provides an enriched environment in which children are inspired to reach their highest potential. The Montessori philosophies foster a strong sense of community and respect for self, others, and the environment, which builds a strong academic foundation for a lifetime of learning.


Kinder Haus programs are similar at both campuses, yet they are unique, reflecting the gifts and personalities of the staff. Our level of our commitment to the children is unsurpassed. We are extremely aware of the importance of the work we do, and we recognize the opportunity to truly make a difference in the lives of children and their families. It is our vision to create an environment where children, parents, and teachers are supported in reaching their full potential.


Summers at Kinder Haus are filled with fun learning and delightful memories! We have summer camps at Mandeville and Metairie locations.

Our goals at Kinder Haus Montessori include:


  • Independence - Children will learn to work by themselves without constant adult supervision. Everyday functions like fastening clothes and shoe tying are accomplished.


  • Concentration - Your child's attention span will develop, fostering good study habits.


  • Coordination - Exercises that strengthen your child's hand for writing and train the eye for reading are provided.


  • Order - Our environment is based on order. Order leads to logical thinking for future math concepts, problem solving, and decision making.


  • Socialization - We provide a natural environment encouraging children to meet, interact, and make friends.


  • Academic Growth - Your child is encouraged to learn to read, write, and form math concepts.


  • Emotional Stability - Your child will develop a positive self-concept and view of education.


  • Self-Control - Children develop inner discipline and become responsible for their own actions.


We look forward to sharing more about our programs and helping your child to make a great start in life!

Knobbed Cylinders
Snack Time

Things that make Kinder Haus special:


Unsurpassed commitment to excellence.


Kinder Haus Montessori Schools are something special. Our Children’s Houses have been supporting

children and their families since 1984. We are committed to maintaining beautiful, safe spaces for

children to thrive.


Nurturing professionals provide personal attention. We cultivate bonds with our students and their

families. Each child is greeted warmly every day and most lessons are given “one-on-one.” We are a

FAMILY of families with common goals that empower everyone to provide children with joyful

learning experiences.


Home cooked hot lunches and snacks are nutritious and delicious! Our menu is “heart healthy” and

well rounded. Even “picky eaters” learn to taste new foods while satisfying all nutritional needs.


Every child is treated with respect and dignity.


Kinder Haus has been recognized nationally by Tomorrow's Child magazine for our PEACE WORK. Role

modeling social skills, multicultural education, nature study, and community service projects instill

compassion and empathy for all living things on Earth.